The EGCC Organized 1st Engineering Graduate Research (EGR) Conference to exchange academic knowledge, and provide the opportunity to graduate students and industries to interact and connect.






12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Opening session

  • Speech by the Engineering Dean (5 min)
  • Speech by the keynote speaker (20 – 25 min)
  • Discussion (10 min)

Room 1B71

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Poster session presented by graduate students

1st Floor of Engineering Building

3:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Closing session

  • Announcement of the poster winners
  • Closing remark and thank you speech by the EGCC president 

Room 1B71

List of accepted posters



Title of poster

Patra Biswa

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Microwave-assisted Extraction of Sea-buckthorn Oil for Shelf life Enhancement in Edible Oils

Adam Leik

Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering

Evaluating the feasibility of using guanidinium salts as a means of in-situ soil strengthening

Aghababaei Aylin

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Site energy distribution and kinetic studies of carbamazepine adsorption on heterogeneous adsorbents

Alivia Mukherjee

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Valorization of exhausted coffee grounds to trap recalcitrant CO2 from flue gas

Porras Mendoza Luisa

Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering

Data Mining and Statistical Analysis of Hydraulic Fracture Performance in the Viking Formation

Azar Khorsandi

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Non-destructive methods to quantify drought stress in wheat varieties

Jose Alvim Berkenbrock

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Numerical analysis of the impact of fabrication artifacts on the electric current in a resistive pulse nanodetector

Botana Anakaren

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Synthesis, characterization and adsorption application of alumina-based adsorbent for the selective removal of sulfur and nitrogen compounds from model feed

Bryce Marcotte

Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering

Cost effective automated solutions for specialized geotechnical testing


Biomedical Engineering

X-ray Induced Sm-Valence Conversion in Fluoroaluminate Glasses as a Tool for Investigating Dose Distributions and Electron Transport in Microbeam Radiation Therapy

Huq Shafi

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Catalytic ozonation of emerging pollutants in wastewater using manganese nanorods and reduced graphene oxide as catalysts

Dylan Scheibelhoffer

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Flaxseed Oil to Produce Omega 3 and Omega 6 Free Fatty Acids

Kelvin Sattler

Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering

Computer Microcontrollers as Low-Cost Geotechnical Dataloggers

Rishav Chand

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Evaluating the Potential for Blending and Co-processing of Hydrothermal Liquefaction Bio-oil with Hydrotreated Heavy Gas Oil

Shima Masoumi

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Production and characterization of bio-crude oil and hydro-char obtained from hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae

Farzad Dehghan

Biomedical Engineering

PVDF Nano-fibers Based Microfluidic Fuel Cell

Easwaran Krishnan

Mechanical Engineering

Fixed bed regenerators for building energy recovery

Bicheng xing

Mechanical Engineering

Reversibility of Crystallization Fouling in Liquid-to-Air Membrane Energy Exchangers

Anders Hunter

Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering

Groundwater-Surface Water-Atmosphere Interactions of a Terminal Wetland on the Canadian Prairies

Hadi Ramin

Mechanical Engineering

Energy recovery exchanger for energy conservation in buildings

Jude Okolie

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Hydrothermal gasification of soybean straw and flax straw for hydrogen-rich syngas production

Mohanad Zaghloul

Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering

Does one distribution fit all? Proof of concept on streamflow across Canada

Najafi Atia

Biomedical Engineering

Implementation of Virtual Reality Haptic Simulator on a 5DOF Robot in Teleoperated Sonography

onu olughu

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Environmental Performance of Camelina Straw Pellets through Life Cycle Assessment

Peyman Ailzadeh

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Pretreatment of Forest Residue by Torrefaction and Steam Explosion - Techno-economic Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment

Pham son

Electrical and Computer Engineering

A fusarium spore trap and detection system

Reisha Peters

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Leaf-Light Interactions Scanning the Surface

Morias Fernandes Serafim, Felipe

Mechanical Engineering

Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior of Selected Stainless Steels in Saturated Potash Brine Solution

Sandhi Ketan

Mechanical Engineering

Corrosion behavior of Ni coated stainless steel 316 in molten fluoride salt (NaF-LiF-KF) for generation IV nuclear reactor application

Shafe Soroush

Biomedical Engineering

Development of a Robotic System for Guiding a Surgical Needle based on Fluoroscopy Imaging

Sudiptoshekor mondol

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Stability Analysis of the Topology Optimized Girder Base for a Ultralow Emittance Canadian Light Source

Yixuan Wu Vicky

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Redox Potential-Controlled 1,3-Propanediol Production from Glycerol by Lactobacillus panis PM1

Raheem Elemuren

Mechanical Engineering

Erosion-Corrosion Damage in Potash Slurry Pipelines

Peng Chao

Mechanical Engineering

Effect of boronizing on properties of steels used in potash processing facilities


Prize winners:

  1. Felipe Serafim – Best Poster Presentation 1st Place

Supervisors: Dr. Akindele Odeshi, Dr. Ike Oguocha and Dr. Richard Evitts

Poster Title: Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior of Selected Stainless Steels in Saturated Potash Brine Solution


  1. Raheem Elemuren – Best Poster Presentation 2nd Place

Supervisor: Dr. Akindele Odeshi

Poster Title: Erosion-Corrosion Damage in Potash Slurry Pipelines


  1. Aylin Aghababaei– Best Poster Presentation 3rd Place

Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Niu

Poster Title: Site Energy Distribution and Kinetic studies of Carbamazepine Adsorption on Heterogeneous Adsorbents

Poster judges

1              Cao, Tate

2              Wang, Fei

3              Giahi, Mohammad

4              Hosseinzade Halqesari, Hadi

5              Huang, Sophie

6              Koughia, Kirill

7              Kurhade, Ankeeta

8              Massie, Merle

9              Papp, Zsuzsa

10           Shahbazi, Karim

11           Terry, Sandra

12           Torres Tello, Julio

13           Zoroufchi Benis, Khaled


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