We at the EGCC are passionately interested in getting to know more about your specific story! How are you conducting your research during the pandemic? What are you currently working on during these days?  Feel free to grab your camera or your phone to choose a subject of choice, and win prizes!


Join in for an opportunity to express some creativity and a chance to win a prize, submitting your photos in one of the following themes, with a brief caption (max 200 words) about the story of your photo (photos without a caption will not be considered).

  • Research during the pandemic
  • My research
  • Campus and City life

 The contest winners will be announced in the 2nd Engineering three-minute thesis (E3MT) competition on 25th February. Cash prizes will be awarded to the first place in each of these themes! We will share your photos on the website to promote the student experience as well. 

Photo Submission link: https://www.surveymonkey.ca/r/EGCCphoto 

Photo submission deadline: 1st February

 For more information, you could contact egcc.operations@usask.ca


Research During pandemic


Nazanin Charchi Aghdam: Working from Dino Land! Picture is clear, no need to further explanation!

Typical PhD student Mom's Life in pandemic.


My Research 


Vinay Bhargav: Don’t let our hopes evaporate in the thin air this pandemic


City and Campus Life


Mahdiyar Molahasani: The city of bridges in the land of living skies!

  • Tammy Holtby, Graduate Programs Coordinator, USASK
  • Muhammad Majdabadi, Graphic designer at Diar Style
  • Saeed Anvar, Night sky and Nature photographer